How to survive your first day at a new job

How to survive your first day at a new job

first day at a new job

It’s the start of the year and time for your new job and fresh impression. So you nailed the interview and scored yourself a job. You feel relieved and excited, but then you remember you’ve still got a long way to go. The first day is all about meeting new people, finding your place in the office and establishing the best lunch spots. It can be scary, but it’s also exciting once you realise everyone has been in your position before.

Here are some tips to ensure you not only survive your first day on the job, but that you thrive and make a wonderful first impression.

1. Be on time

This might seem obvious, but it’s extremely important. If you can’t even be on time for your first day, you will probably appear unreliable. This is definitely not a good start to your career, and makes a terrible first impression. We all get stuck in unavoidable situations sometimes, but you can avoid things like traffic jams and train delays by waking up early on your first day and setting aside extra time for your morning commute. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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2. Write everything down

Even if you think you’re going to remember something, what’s the harm in writing it down just in case? You’re not going to look silly – your boss will probably appreciate it. It will make you look attentive and will save them from having to repeat themselves time and time again. Whether it’s job instructions, passwords or even mail box locations, write it down. One day your supervisor might be out of the office and you will appreciate having written instructions.


3. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your boss will probably expect you to be a bit lost on your first day, so it’s completely normal to ask questions. They would prefer you ask them questions now, rather than making errors they have to fix. Everyone makes mistakes, especially on the first day, but if these mistakes can be avoided by seeking instructions, don’t hesitate to do so. People are usually happy to share their expertise.



4. Be friendly, but professional

Make sure you introduce yourself to everyone in the office. Be polite to your colleagues and, if you have nothing to do, ask them if they need help with anything. You will set a great first impression, and you will appear both friendly and professional. Chat to your colleagues, but don’t talk too much until you’ve grasped the atmosphere of your new workplace. After all, you don’t want to be labelled as the ‘office gossip’ on your very first day.


5. Relax

And finally, relax! The above tips aren’t hard to master. Even if you do make mistakes, people will understand because you’re new. Don’t be too disappointed if your day doesn’t go perfectly. As cliche as it sounds, practice makes perfect. If your new job is challenging, you will eventually get the hang of it. Smile, show interest and work your hardest. After all, hard work pays off!