How a Skin Cancer Scare turned into an Apparel Bus...

How a Skin Cancer Scare turned into an Apparel Business

Anyone who has gone to the beach and sat in the sun all day knows that sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough. There are staggering statistics to prove it. According to the Cancer Council, approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, with melanoma being the third most common cancer in Australians.

Sarah Buxton, the founder of Tutublue, was diagnosed with melanoma and her doctor advised her to stay out of the sun. Unable to imagine a life without swimming, surfing, boating or anything in the water sparked her idea to create a sun protective activewear brand.

If you’re guilty of missing a few spots, or not reapplying, Tutublue’s activewear may be the solution for you. From long suits to leggings, the brand’s selection of apparel allows you to protect your skin without the need to reapply sunscreen all day long.

Aiming to turn her idea into a booming business, Buxton appeared on the American Shark Tank, seeking $200,000 for 25% in her company.

Buxton told CNBC that Shark Tank is what put her on the map. “I was overwhelmed with the initial web sales and the outpouring of support from all around the world. They gave me a platform and a voice. Even if it was a brief moment in time, it really helped business.”

Now, Tutublue is a full line of swimwear for women, men and kids. Buxton said the business is growing and is increasingly more in need.

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Source: Tutublue

“My business is something that was born out of a scary experience,” she said. “I like to think of it as my lemons to lemonade moment in life. As people are getting [smarter about the sun] the business will grow accordingly.”

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