10 Most Stylish Cities Around The World And Why We...

10 Most Stylish Cities Around The World And Why We Chose Them! 

10 Most Stylish Cities

Every city in the world has a unique style, whether it’s because of traditions, culture or climate, but which city is the most stylish? Well, here is what we believe to be the ‘top 10 most stylish cities’ from all around the world. 



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10. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is well known for its elegant boulevards and gorgeous parks. It’s no wonder that this city’s fashion is just as stunning. The Madrid fashion scene ranges from bohemian chic to much fancier looks. So why do we love the Madrid sense of fashion? Well it’s simple, they do it like no one else. The earthy colours and tones that when worn alone can be quite bland, are a totally different thing when the Madrid accessorising skills come into play. A sundress with flats becomes a styled outfit suitable for a fashion shoot, with the simple addition of a cute hat, funky bag, and great jewellery.


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9. Brisbane, Australia

Coasts littered with crystal beaches, beautiful hinterlands and a waterfront, this city has seen our very own Brisi host some of the most fashionable looks of 2021. Brisbane fashion consists of light, summery tones and lots of white. A Brisbane look can easily be converted from a no shoes, beach outfit to a classy look with heels that’s perfect for a night out.


8. Phoenix, USA

Arizona is the state of deserts with it’s hot summers and earthy red tones. From flowy dresses with heeled boots and patterned tops to washed out jeans, backless tops and cowboy hats, Phoenix has its own style of fashion. Designed to keep you cool but never compromising on style, Phoenix fashion has caught the eye of people all around the world.  



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7. Singapore

With humid weather all year round, Singapore fashion is about staying cool whilst looking super stylish! Sophisticated, elegant fashion is extremely popular in Singapore. The bustling night-life and high-end restaurants in Singapore will often be graced with the city’s most elite and the fashion that is on show will not disappoint. 



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6. Havana, Cuba

Havana fashion is all about making a statement! From bold colours to daring patterns, flowing dresses to statement hats, all Cuban looks are made to stand out from the crowd. With their lively culture and energetic atmosphere lasting all day long, Havana fashion fits effortlessly for day and night!



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5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong has always been a very fashion-conscious city. Statement, often designer, pieces are all the rage and many other Asian countries follow the Hong Kong fashion trends. This is their fashion source.  that loves statement pieces, whether it’s jewellery, handbags or any piece of clothing. This city especially loves using designer pieces as their statement! 



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4. Toronto, Canada

Toronto style can be described as minimalist and neutral with a bit of a modern flair! Toronto is where the city meets nature with waterfronts, marinas and parks. With a lively, growing culture and street style, this city has an evolving personality and multicultural style. Whether it’s a minimalist overcoat, statement shoes or day to night dress, Toronto locals sure know how to dress!



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3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, style is elegant, modest and cool with a dash of designer! Whether it’s white, summery looks perfect for the hot climate or stylish designer outfits for a night, locals in Dubai never fail to look on-point. With the hot climate, linen, cotton and silk clothing are a popular choice with lots of accessories.



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2. Sydney, Australia

With its casual, laid-back atmosphere, Sydney style varies from loose shirts to flowy dresses to blue jeans. However, it doesn’t mean that the fashion skimps on style and sophistication! From winter to summer, Sydney-siders always dress in their best whilst still showing personality and individuality.


1. Los Angeles, California

At the top of the list is Los Angeles, another city with a casual style that blends with the Californian landscapes and climate! LA is one of the most well-known cities, especially for its style and fashion. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a day out in the town or a girl’s night out, they definitely know how to dress for any season and any occasion!


Did your home city appear on the list and did any of the cities mentioned fit your style?


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