5 Habits Unsuccessful People Have

2017 is almost here, and with it, the prospects of change, a new start and a lot of resolutions that are bound to be broken. Especially if you follow this list of habits unsuccessful people have. We’ve collected this list so you know what not to do in the new year to make this year successful. Make 2017 your year, and don’t follow this list!

They Don’t Set Goals

It’s a tried and tested way of failing. Setting clear goals is a way to achieve them and accomplish what you set out to get done. Most unsuccessful people tend to just run into things head first, with no clear end game in sight. This leaves them running around in circles and not getting much done at all.

They Procrastinate 

We can all be guilty of procrastinating, but the least successful people tend not to be able to recognise it as procrastination. The best advice for avoiding procrastination is to recognise it from the start and acknowledge that you are doing it. Then stop.


They Don’t Reflect

Not recognising your achievements is a surefire way to set yourself up for the same failures you experienced last year. Give yourself credit where credit is due, and take the praise that’s given to you. Don’t be afraid to say ‘thank you’. You worked hard. Own it.

They Neglect Themselves

Unsuccessful people aren’t always the laziest ones in the boardroom. In some cases they’re the most overworked. Forgetting to take time for yourself can be detrimental to yourself and the company. You don’t want to burn out before 2017 even gets started. So remember to take time for yourself, and turn off every now and then.

They Make Excuses

It’s easy to make excuses and we are all guilty of this. But the unsuccessful people of this world tend to make more excuses than they need to. If you make a mistake, don’t jump to an excuse like being overworked or not having slept well last night. Learn and grow from your mistakes. You’ll appreciate the feedback when you don’t make the same mistake twice.