Animal testing to be banned on Cosmetics

Animal testing to be banned on Cosmetics

Over six million animals are vivisected annually. The term ‘vivisection’ is used to describe performing operations on live animals for the purpose of ‘scientific research’ or experimentation. Humans selfishly turn a blind eye to the inhumane treatment our furry friends endure so we can be more beautiful. It’s not just cosmetics that animals test but sunscreen and baby products too.

The Holocaust which occurred between the period of 1933-1945 was the first time in history humans were tested on. Now, in 2016, some 71 years later, animal testing is still happening. Like the holocaust survivors, many animals bear great psychological damage and severe amounts of pain. Death is often a result of such testing. In April 2015, New Zealand took a stance against this blatant cruelty and banned testing cosmetics on guinea pigs and rabbits. India and Israel also have similar practices in place.

Finally the Australian Federal Government has followed suit, and, from the 1st July 2017, will implement the same protocol. Whilst this is a great move forward, it won’t unfortunately include medications and pharmaceuticals. This is mainly because of the levels of toxicity, corrosivity, and other safety variables that must be road tested for safe human usage. 

Animal Testing

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You need to be careful that you aren’t purchasing from brands that claim they don’t test on animals in the creation of their products. In 2012, Revlon deceived PETA by selling products to China (where it’s mandatory to test on animals). Talk about low! Other brands like Maybelline, MAC, Mary Kay and CoverGirl have also been outed as being unethical in its practices according to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.)

Products from The Body Shop, Lush Cosmetics, Sukin and Natures Organics are just some brands that don’t test on animals.

Let’s hope more brands become anti-testing on animals.


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