Best Sailboats for 2021

best sailboats for 2021

Although sailing season may be a little quieter this year with less competitions abound, many eager swabbies continue to take to the seas to pursue their passion for the outdoors. And we don’t blame them! With so many fantastic sailboats on the market right now, it’s the perfect time to escape for the summer. At Australia Business News, we’ve given you a rundown of the Best Sailboats for 2021.

1. Arcona 435

Coming in at the top spot is Swedish beauty, the Arcona 435.

Easily the most forward-thinking sailboat on our list, its key innovation lies in the electrical and propulsion systems. Unlike your typical hybrid, these systems are entirely electric. You can forget about burning fossil fuels with this one!

The Arcona 435 also uses a masterful Oceanvolt servo-prop system (propulsion plant) that works through regeneration. As the speed of the boat spins the prop, it puts more and more energy back into the battery bank, which is made up of lithium-ion batteries, offering greater power density for their relative weight. It’s just one of many creative concepts that will give this wonderful boat its guaranteed longevity.

If you want a top of the range boat that’s ahead of its time, go with the Arcona 435.

best sailboats for 2021


2. Dufour 530

In a total 180, our runner-up for the Top Sailboats for 2021 is going to the most traditional model on the list – the Dufour 530!

This French model stands for everything old-school. Rather than pushing innovation for the sake of innovation, the Dufour 530 sticks to what works, delivering a fine boat that makes for excellent travelling.

Specifically, it’s a single-rudder boat that combines its working and social spaces for a more efficient feel. You can find its sheets and winches on the cabin top at the front end of the cockpit.

The Dufour 530 also uses mid-boom mainsail sheeting, enabling athwartship control.

With great sea births, it also has a few cheeky old-school features like a wine rack, dust bin and recently, an outdoor barbecue!

Couldn’t be more charming than that!

best sailboats for 2021


3. Southerly 480

Owning the third spot on our list like a champ is Southampton make, the Southerly 480.

One of the most well crafted and adaptable models on this list, you can sail the Southerly 480 everywhere – from sunny Florida to the tropical Bahamas – thanks to its key innovation: the variable-swing keel.

Instead of a centreboard, the Southerly 480’s variable-swing keel allows you to perfectly coordinate the balance of achieving enough lateral resistance and ballast under the waterline to sail well in the ocean, but not be so deep drafted that places become inaccessible.

The Southerly 480 also comes with a true foil section, so that when the keel is down, you have all the hydrodynamic benefits of a foil. The keel structure is also made up of a single unit grounding plate. This means you can enter the precise amount of draft needed for whichever mode you wish to sail in. We told you it was adaptable!

To top it off, the Southerly 480 also comes with twin rudders, twin spinnaker poles and a raised saloon. Start planning your adventure at sea – it’s definitely worth a voyage or two!

best sailboats for 2021


4. Eagle Class 53

Coming in at number 4 is the Eagle Class 53.

Now manufactured in Annapolis, USA, this Bristol-native is designed with the high performance of a competitive racing boat, built for the recreational user.

The Eagle Class 53 is also entirely carbon core, with a carbon-fibre ring that can rotate 360 degrees, and a hybrid wing that allows for superb control even in the harshest conditions.

Capable of achieving top speeds of 25 to 35 knots in light wind conditions, this fantastic model comes with a spacious cockpit, padded seating and even an onboard wet bar!

Live a life of luxury (and speediness) with this excellent sea craft!


5. Beneteau Oceanis 38 Weekender

Our fifth and final place for the Top Sailboats for 2021 goes to another Annapolis make, the Beneteau Oceanis 38 Weekender.

Considered the perfect weekend sailboat, it’s remarkably easy to use. By requiring very little effort to singlehand, it provides a more fun experience for quick daysails or extended short-handed cruising.

The low cabin top provides an elegant profile while keeping secret the great amount of volume and headroom below.

The Beneteau Oceanis 38 also comes with a two-to-three cabin plan, fitted galley, Helmsman’s seats, shower and an additional indoor-outdoor table.

To top it off, the saloon and master stateroom are separated by a removable bulkhead, allowing for more privacy.

Not bad at all!