Female-friendly parking bays trialled in Perth

Female-friendly parking bays trialled in Perth


Perth is trialling a series of “pink” parking bays located close to the exits which have been designated as being “female friendly” due to the extra CCTV surveillance, lighting and assistance intercoms. Women-only parking bays already exist in many other countries including Germany, Austria and China. City of Perth chief executive Martin Mileham said, “Men won’t be fined if they park in the bays but the City encourages men to support this trial.”

It seems that while the whole aim of this is to advocate gender equality, it does the complete opposite. Suggesting that women need this in the first place because they are incapable to take care of themselves or should fear men is outrageous. It implies that females need monitoring even when returning to their car is necessary for their safety.

Hypothetically, if a woman parks in a regular spot and is assaulted does that mean that people will then say “Oh well… she should’ve parked in one of the safe spots?” Perth, we completely understand that you have good intentions but it would be much more effective to promote assault is not tolerable. Diversity Network director Kristie Young said, “Perhaps the bays for those individuals who are concerned for their security when utilising parking bays.”

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