Apple has been granted a patent to develop foldabl...

Apple has been granted a patent to develop foldable iPhones


Apple has just announced they’ve been granted a patent that will allow them to develop a high-tech foldable iPhone.

The tech giant revealed yesterday that they applied for the grant three years ago, but kept it under heavy wraps by lodging the application under the names of individual designers instead of the company.

The patent application states that the iPhones could be made from glass, aluminium, ceramic or even plastic to create its bendable screen. The application’s  sketches also show an iPhone with a fold in the middle of the screen, along with carbon nanotubes that give strength to its structure. Additionally, the patent says the future device “may have a hinge or other bendable joint.”


Apple is granted about 2,000 patents per year, but these ideas don’t always come to fruition. Apple, however, believes the foldable iPhone is a revolutionary development and that its introduction is a very strong possibility.

Although its release might be several years down the track, the idea is not completely unheard of. In fact, Samsung has also been pursuing similar designs for many years. They have patented a number of foldable phone designs, but so far they have been unsuccessful.

In the meantime, Apple has a number of other projects under its belt, including the major iPhone revamp that is expected to happen next year.