Foxtel announces new rival to Netflix


Move over Netflix and Stan – it seems there will be a new and improved streaming giant on the market come December. Foxtel has been forced to give their existing streaming service, Foxtel Play a complete overhaul in light of “intense competition” with other streaming services.

They will soon be offering no-contract and equipment-free packages that are significantly cheaper than other Australian streaming services. These competitive prices will range from $9 to $15, and they will be available in month by month content bundles. Current Foxtel customers will know this is a significant change from its current locked in prices of $25 a month.

In addition, the revived service will introduce a choice of five entry level packages that target viewers’ interests, such as documentaries, drama, comedy and kids’ programs. Foxtel’s chief executive, Peter Tonagh even revealed that Foxtel had struck a deal with HBO to give subscribers access to their extensive library of TV shows. Because of this, Foxtel will soon have more HBO content than Netflix or any other streaming service in Australia. Popular HBO TV shows like Game of Thrones will be available on Foxtel Play in January 2017 “through a significantly lower cost entry package,” however we still don’t know whether they will be streamed on the lowest-cost package.

Watching TV

“Our new flexible pricing and delivery will mean that even more Australians will be able to design a subscription that works for them and once they experience what we have to offer, we’re confident they’ll be hungry for more,” said Mr Tonagh.

Similar to Apple TV, Foxtel Play will also remove the need for a set-top box by employing the use of a small “puck-sized broadband streaming device” that will connect to our TVs. By introducing this, Foxtel hopes to “increase customer choices.”

Foxtel obviously knows what their audience wants, but they also know that competition is the key to great success.

“Twenty years ago we were the great distributors and from that moment forward we’ve been at our best when we’re challenging, especially in times of dramatic change,” Mr Tonagh said. “The competition between Foxtel and the recent SVOD entrants is much more nuanced than many would have you believe.”

Foxtel already boasts content that other streaming services lack, such as its variety of live television and catch-up content delivered via Broadband. However, its expensive prices were keeping many of us at bay. Now that these prices are set to be reduced, there’s no doubt Netflix and Stan will have some heavy competition.