McDonald’s manager jailed after pulling down...

McDonald’s manager jailed after pulling down a customer’s pants

McDonald’s Nottingham manager Stuart Hubbard has been jailed for 28 days following an incident that occurred in the fast food chain on February 18th this year at approximately 1am. The company did not immediately investigate the issue until they received an email from a disgusted customer filing the complaint. It was understood that Hubbard had pulled down a female customer’s pants in front of five employees and twelve other customers “for a joke”.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons said in her victim impact statement that she felt “totally humiliated” by the whole scene. She went on to reveal that she also feels “haunted” by the possibility of bumping into someone who was there when the incident occurred.

When the matter finally went to court, Hubbard plead guilty to common assault while the judge commented on McDonald‘s “lax response” to investigate and handle the sensitive matter. The company had acted by only moving Hubbard to another branch, with a final warning.

“We regret that anyone feels we were slow to respond to this matter, which was inappropriate and unacceptable,” a spokesman for McDonald’s claimed. “As soon as we were made aware of the incident he was immediately suspended while we carried out a thorough investigation.”

Hubbard has also been ordered to pay the victim £500 in compensation.