MUSTO: A success story

We live in a time where athleticism and adventure have become a way of life. MUSTO recognise the importance of this and have engineered performance apparel to suit to this lifestyle.

Clothes, once a simple necessity, have met with technology and become so much more.

MUSTO apparel is designed to combat the most extreme climates by those who compete under the most severe conditions. While MUSTO realise that many of us aren’t elite athletes, they appreciate that we too deserve quality gear to rise to any challenge. This understanding has meant that each of their products offers the very same fabric technology as offered to Olympians, royalty and professional athletes – so that the everyday individual can trust their equipment to perform on any adventure.

MUSTO is renowned for innovation. They have engineered cutting-edge technical clothing for over 50 years and do not disappoint. They believe in quality engineering, quality materials and quality technology, which is why they test their products to the extreme in the world’s most hostile environments.

Their men’s and women’s apparel is lightweight, breathable and UV protected.  It’s adventure clothing for those who aren’t faint of heart.

Now you too can be protected from the harsh limits of the Australian climate with the right insulation and world-leading offshore technology. MUSTO Ocean Engineered and TooUp Sailing would like to give you the opportunity to experience the superior quality of MUSTO apparel for yourself. Head to TooUp Sailing – Like the page and tag a friend to enter for your chance to WIN one of 12 awesome prizes from MUSTO Ocean Engineered!


Disclosure: This article is sponsored by MUSTO

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