My Little Pony Sued Over Illegal Font Use

My Little Pony Sued Over Illegal Font Use


It’s a battle of the ‘Bros’ with fonts company Font Bros suing toymakers Hasbro for illegally using their font on the My Little Pony website and marketing materials. The font called ‘Generation B’ requires a license to be used and initially costs $20. The cost increases depending on how many people are likely to see it so Hasbro would have needed to work out a deal with FontBros.

Generation B

Image Credit BBC

The CSS (cascading style sheet) for the My Little Pony website refers to the ‘Generation B’ font.

Even though FontBros contacted Hasbro, they refused to pay licensing fees so now they are asking for $150,000 per infringement. (Yes, that means it would run into the millions if the case were won.)

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