Ride-share turned conglomerate group Uber announce...

Ride-share turned conglomerate group Uber announces new loyalty program

In news that should prove beneficial to frequent online food ordering and ride-share service lovers nation-wide, this week conglomerate group Uber unveiled its new Australian loyalty program, Uber Rewards.

The service will operate similarly to other popular rewards programs like FlyBuys by rewarding customers for using Uber services and awarding them points for every time they spend money across one of their apps. The program is reported to offer four tiers of reward levels; blue (for base level, casual customers of Uber services), gold, platinum and diamond.

According to Business Insider Australia, these are the benefits that customers can expect from each reward level:

– Blue level: this is the base level of the program, with customers being granted access to the regular special deals that Uber frequently offers

– Gold level: this appears to be the most attainable level of the program for frequent users of Uber services, with reward earners being offered 10% off of one Uber Comfort trip per month and access to additional rewards for every 750 points gained (it is yet unclear how the conversion of dollars to points will be calculated)

– Platinum level: at the Platinum level, Uber customers will be offered “price confidence” on their favourite Uber route – this basically translates to users being able to select their most frequently (or preferred) trip between two locations, for which Uber will offer a price that may fluctuate, but will never exceed a set promotional price

– Diamond level: at this stage, Diamond level customers are only afforded “premium phone support” and the chance to upgrade to Uber Comfort or premium on UberX rides, however it is speculated that the rewards at this level will be updated once more users become closer to achieving Diamond-status in the app

Reports state that Australia is the third global market to receive Uber Rewards, however the features of the program will likely not be available to customers until next year. In tandem with the launch, Head of Strategy and Operations at Uber Australia, Dom Taylor, has stated that the service will be “free and available to Uber customers across Australia by early 2020”.

It is not yet quantifiable how valuable the new rewards system will prove to be for Uber customers, however it definitely poses the benefit of money saved amongst frequent users of the popular app.


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