Telstra’s free data day debacle


Despite setting a record for unprecedented downloads, Telstra’s free data day was plagued with complaints of slow internet speeds and demands for more compensation.

On Sunday April 3rd, Telstra held a free data day to try to appease customers and atone for the massive outages experienced over the last eight weeks. As you might expect, customers downloaded the largest amount of data ever downloaded in a single day. After all, who doesn’t like a freebie?


Telstra reported that the peak traffic level lasted consistently from 8am to midnight when the free data day ended. Telstra COO Kate McKenzie said that by 4pm, customers had surpassed the record of downloads set by the previous free data day in February.

‘“We were pleased with the way the network performed, given this tsunami of data,” Ms McKenzie said.

Customers did not agree, feeling frustrated and annoyed by the slow download speeds and blocked usage.

Overall, customers downloaded 2, 686 TB of data, or 3.4 million HD movies, which Telstra reports is three times the amount of data downloaded on a normal day. One visionary downloaded 798 GBs (or 266 HD movies) by himself, beating his record from the previous free data day.