Lockdown Loonies: The Anti-Lockdown Trend in Austr...

Lockdown Loonies: The Anti-Lockdown Trend in Australia

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been increasing resistance in Australia against the government’s coronavirus regulations.

Recently, a Melbourne anti-lockdown protest resulted in 15 arrests with protesters chanting “Freedom” in response to the stage four restrictions.

It’s a trend gaining traction as more Australians rebel against government advice to regain their freedom.

According to the BBC, virus cases have tripled in Australia over the past few months, rising to 26,000, while deaths have increased from 104 to almost 800.

The virus is most deadly for older Australians, who make up the majority of coronavirus deaths in Australia. 

Even with our most vulnerable Australians at risk, anti-lockdown groups continue to organise rallies to protest the restrictions.

Anti-Lockdown Activism Australia claims the government is using the coronavirus as an excuse to control human rights through lockdowns, travel restrictions and mandatory vaccines. 

But what many of these groups have in common are their connections to other conspiracy groups. A prime example being “Melbourne Freedom Walk” organiser, Tony Pecora, an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist.

The coronavirus conspiracy has fuelled debates over topics like 5G, vaccines, Bill Gates and more, allowing conspiracy fringe dwellers to come together for their greater good.

Alliance For Science lists the many theories behind the coronavirus, the most prominent being that the virus doesn’t actually exist. 

The theory was projected by InfoWars’ Alex Jones, making many think the virus is like the flu and a reason for government control.


The trivialisation of the virus has resulted in a mass rejection of care for our citizens, with many thinking it’s a You problem and not a We problem.

Another anti-lockdown protest is scheduled on Saturday, with up to 1000 Melbourne residents expected to take part in a “Freedom Walk”.

Facebook has since taken the “Melbourne Freedom Walk” page down for violating Melbourne’s stage four restriction guidelines.

However, Australia will continue to protest its freedom until the coronavirus passes, an impossibility with mass gatherings and rallies. 

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