This new app will help identify rips and other bea...

This new app will help identify rips and other beach hazards


Summer’s coming and a new app called Pocket Patrol is pretty much going to help us not die. Sunshine Coast surf lifesavers are currently testing the app that aims to keep swimmers safer at the beach. It allows users to scan the surf and spot hazards that the naked eye might miss. It was created by Samsung Australia in partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia and is available to download for free on the Play Store.

Olympic medallist swimmer, James Magnussen, helped launch the four-week trial which started yesterday. An augmented reality (AR) view overlays any dangers on your smartphone screen. Magnussen said, “Even though I’m a swimmer, there are still times when I might not be able to identify a rip.” “Samsung’s Pocket Patrol connects beach safety and beachgoers to promote safer beaches.”

Not only will it assist in locating dangerous rips but also help identify shallow sandbars, submerged rocks and other underwater hazards. The apps works by a user scanning the beach with their phone’s camera where certain markers will appear at the location of hazards. This will greatly benefit Aussie swimmers as the warmer months near. Phillip Newton told Mashable, “It’s simply an education tool to help people become aware of what these hazards look like.” Surf Life Saving Australia believes that 2/3 swimmers think can can identify a rip, but actually can’t.

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