Wild weather set to make a comeback


NSW is in for some wild weather conditions again this weekend with a powerful storm and heavy rain. The south coast will bear the brunt of the most severe weather but Sydney won’t be spared.

A low-pressure system, formed off the NSW east coast between Wollongong and Port Macquarie, could cause more damage due to forceful winds and rough seas. University of NSW coastal researcher Mitchell Harley said, “We could potentially see further impacts on the houses threatened a week ago if there’s any more erosion.” Weather models show NSW could be smashed by another damaging east coast low. Forecasts show the potential of 150mm of rainfall in a 24-hour period and whipping winds of 125km/h.

These predictions are not good news at all for residents who are still left cleaning up from the damage that the disastrous weather left a few weeks ago.  It is advised that people who live in the areas that face possible inundation from flooding should consider relocation prized possessions.

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