Worst Passwords of 2015

Many of us hate passwords, especially forgetting them because the sign up process made you pick a password with 2 uppercase characters, exactly 4 lowercase characters (no more, no less) 3 numerals, 6 special [email protected]$e characters and 1 hieroglyph. Who can remember all that?

All this is silly, if it is brute forcing you are trying to avoid, you need length in your password. Picking a password like ‘@lDf!#5″ for example is just as as hard for a computer to guess as “lettuce” but much harder for you to remember.

In order to ensure password security, the best tactic is to use not just a word but a phrase. For example “MyDaughtersSweaterIsPurple” is incredibly hard for a computer to crack.

Lets have a look at some of the easiest passwords to crack of 2015


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