Is Facebook Chewing up your Battery Life?

Is Facebook Chewing up your Battery Life?


Facebook has once again been slammed for its applications seemingly detrimental impact upon Smartphones functioning and battery life.

Fresh accusations raised by Android users claim that the Facebook app disproportionately drains phones batteries and affects the phones overall processing speed and capabilities.

Just last year, iOS users lamented over similar complaints, with criticisms widely reporting that simply having the application on ones phone chewed through battery reserves and resulted in the sluggish functioning of alternate apps.

After conducting an experiment one reddit user found that apps opened 15 per cent faster when Facebook and Messenger were not installed on the phone. Another individual reported a 20 per cent battery increase at the end of the day without the app installed.

The problem with the Facebook and Messenger applications rests in their size and incessant content management; continually  updating, refreshing and auto playing – actions which eat up both battery life and processing power. Facebook is said to be looking into the issue – in the meantime you can improve your Facebook experience and the overall functioning of your android by simply deleting the app and utilising a browser such as chrome instead – an alternative which places much less of a burden on the device.


Via: The independent