Solar panels on the road?


Scott and Julie Brusaw, creator of the Solar Roadways idea has already been funded to test their product on Route 66, on of the original highways in America. According to the Missouri New Tribune, the invention is hoping to generate the welcome center at Conway.

Solar Roadways first started in 2010 and argued their plan could replace above-ground power cables, melt snow and warn drivers about various issues on the road. The couple have raised about $3 million through an online fundraising company called ‘Indiegogo’ and have been featured on a few TV shows for their new innovation.

The demand for this innovation has only soared with the French government planning to cover 1000km of their roads with solar panels in the next five years. Dutch researchers have also tested out this product and say it can generate a single person household for a year.

So will it come to Australia?

Famous science personality, Dr Karl is optimistic about the idea and believes it can make up a “small portion” of Australia’s renewable energy and has been dabbling on this idea for nearly his whole science career.

“I see solar roads as a small part of the overall package of renewable beautifulness. I don’t see it as the only solution,” he said to Dr Karl believes it should be brought into Australia but it will be very expensive for the government and some safety and poor performance issues do emerge at this time.