Tweeting will get you flight updates at Sydney Air...

Tweeting will get you flight updates at Sydney Airport

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It’s the travel update for the social media generation; a travel assist service that allows you to get up-to-date flight information by tweeting your flight number. Travellers can get real-time information in 41 languages from Sydney Airport by tweeting questions. This highly accessible service will allow travellers to plan their trips easily before even reaching the airport. It will also remove a lot of the stress experienced by travellers, said Sydney Airport chief executive Kerrie Mather.

“We’re proud to engage with our passengers through this information service, which provides access to the latest details on international and domestic flights, departure gates and boarding times at the touch of a button,” Mather said.

Passengers will be able to receive tailored up-to-date travel information in their own language around the clock, so they are able to access information whenever and wherever they need it. All passengers have to do is send their flight number to @flySYD for an automatic tweet reply.

After this initial tweet with the boarding gate and time, you will be notified when your flight is boarding, and again when your flight departs.

Irish company TIC, which has deployed the technology across four continents, rolled out the system for Sydney Airport. As well as the times and information for departing flights, it’s also possible to get real-time updates on incoming flights so you won’t be waiting too long at the airport.

Sydney Airport has also announced new multi-lingual flight information displays in the international terminal. These will display flight information in 13 languages to ease the journey for incoming and outgoing travellers. Sydney Airport has noted that these technological developments are a continuation of their efforts to make the airport experience as stress-free and simple as possible for their 42 million annual visitors.