You can now send emu, lamington and Uluru emojis

You can now send emu, lamington and Uluru emojis

Well it’s a bloody good day for Aussies as from now you can communicate with Strine slang and icons.

It’s called the Aussie Emoji Keyboard, and it features more than 40 Australian-related emojis including Golden Gay Time, Boomerang, cockatoo and word bubbles with slang like “goon on ya”, “g’day” “oi” and “defo”.

The company behind it is OPPO and we think it’s a ripper of an app but unfortunately it’s only available for Androids at the moment. Bummer. You can download the app for free at Google’s Play Store.

To send an emoji you need to first open the app. It’s compatible with any app that allows for text entry. Your friend will be able to see the emoji even if they haven’t got the app.


The OPPO emoji resemble Facebook stickers rather than your regular emoji, meaning they’re huge and you can only send one at a time.


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