10 Commandments of Marketing


1. Thou Shalt Know Your Customer
How can you bring value to you customers and what drives them to make a purchase?

2. Thou Shalt Not Assume One Audience
More often than not you have different people you need to speak to. Take McDonald’s for example, they’re not going to market to the mum and dad with two kids in the same way they’d market to a university student.

3. Thou Shalt Set Goals
What is it that you’ve trying to achieve? Whether it’s to grow brand awareness or increase profits you need to determine this from the get go.

4. Thou Shalt Build a Brand Image
Focus on a few key themes such a colours, font and ad copy so that your brand is recognisable.

5. Thou Shalt Keep an Eye on the Competition
There’s no harm in seeing what they’re up to and don’t feel that you need to imitate them but rather improve yourself to remain competitive.

6. Thou Shalt Be Ethical
Misleading price, quality or availability is just as bad as screaming to a customer “Do not buy from us.” You need to create a trusting relationship with your customers so be honest and abide by the laws.

7. Thou Shalt Measure Effectiveness
How are you going to keep improving if you don’t look back and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Look at what worked and what didn’t and collect customer satisfaction data where possible.

8. Thou Shalt Keep Calm
A lot of marketers fall into the trap of doing things because it’s the ‘latest and greatest.’ Just keep calm and do what’s best for your customers. Marketers are raving on about Snapchat and Periscope but they can be time wasters if your target audience aren’t even using it.

9. Thou Shalt Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Everyone knows it’s the most effective so give your customers a reason to recommend you to their network. You can boost this by offering incentives such as discounts for inviting friends.

10. Thous Shalt Follow the Ninety Day Rule
If your customers haven’t heard from you in 90 days then forget it! One of your competitors has probably already come up with 50 reasons as to why they are better, starting with engagement. You need to keep your audience interested so whether it is via email or social media a friendly hello or reminder can go a long way!

Jess is the lead news editor for Australia Business. When she's not writing and reading about business, she's probably endlessly scrolling through Instagram or downloading apps she may or may not need.