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Alternatives to Engineered Stone

Alternatives to Engineered Stone

With the banning of engineered stone in Australia coming into effect, and this extremely popular choice for benchtops and splashbacks no longer an option, many Aussie families are now wondering what surface is best for their new kitchen. 

The good news is there is a vast array of alternative options to engineered stone and choosing the right material that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is now a bit easier thanks to the help of Nobby Kitchens. 

We spoke to John Hall and the design team from Nobby Kitchens who took us into the world of benchtops and showed us some of the great alternatives to engineered stone. 

Let’s take a look at some of the choices that are both functional and offer beautiful aesthetics for your new kitchen. 


Available in 20mm and 40mm thickness, Laminate is affordable and versatile with a huge range of colours and patterns on offer. In recent years, the stunning designs released by companies like Laminex, Wisonart and Polytec have wowed interior designers and architects from around the world. 

Laminate is ten times tougher today than it was 20 years ago so it is a smart choice for savvy consumers. The amazing range of colour and stone patterns, paired with the fact that it’s very easy to maintain and its resistance to stains, makes laminate a popular choice for families Australia-wide. 


A rising star in the benchtop world, Xenolith from Polytec, is a 15mm premium coloured core composite material. This high-quality product is known for its long-lasting and low-maintenance properties paired with a striking appearance. 

The new Calacatta D’ Oro and Grey designs look just like the real thing and won’t stain like real marble. Their great range of colours is all on display in Nobby Kitchens showrooms today.


With a focus on sustainability, Sentio offers eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious consumers. Available in 20mm thickness and made from a combination of 2/3 natural minerals and a 1/3 polymer binder, Sentio benchtops present a visually striking alternative to engineered stone.

Amazing stone-like finishes, this product also has seamless joins, meaning you just can’t see ANY joins in the benchtop. Also available with a fully matching, moulded sink, these tops are a striking alternative to engineered stone and contain 0% Silica!


Renowned for its seamless appearance, Corian countertops are crafted from acrylic polymer. Stain-resistant and easy to repair, Corian is a favourite for those looking to build a modern-style kitchen.

Porcelain Caesarstone

Combining the elegance of porcelain with the quality that has long been associated with the Caesarstone brand, this newer option for benchtops and splashbacks is one you want to explore if you’re looking at a new kitchen. 

Resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, it’s a perfect blend of quintessential style and practicality.


Engineered for strength and smartly designed for beauty, Dekton benchtops are aesthetically beautiful whilst also being highly resistant to scratches, heat and UV rays. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, if you’re looking at a design option that you can continue to your outdoor areas, Dekton is the ultimate choice. 

The Dekton top is virtually fireproof and is one of the best solutions for kitchens today. See the full range of colour options in a Nobby Kitchens showroom near you. 

Granite and Marble

Natural stone enthusiasts, this one’s for you! The timeless beauty of Granite and Marble is undeniable and with each slab being totally unique, the artistic style of this surface means the design possibilities are endless. Although Granite and Marble may come with a slightly higher price point, the beauty of this natural stone makes it a popular choice for large island benchtops and modern. High-end kitchen designs. 

Solid Timber Tops

Bringing warmth and character to kitchens, solid timber benchtops have always been a popular option for kitchen designers. Great for those wanting a connection with nature or a rustic charm, sold timber is unlikely to ever go out of style. 

A point John and the Nobby design team did mention, was that regular sealing helps to maintain the longevity and appeal of a solid timber bench.

Stainless Steel

Sleek and modern, stainless steel countertops may not be as popular as other benchtop options, but their durability and resistance to heat matched with their unique design capabilities, make them a strong contender as an alternative to engineered stone. Previously thought of as the benchtop of choice for professional kitchens, stainless steel has seen great growth in residential kitchen designs with the demand for industrial-style kitchens growing. 

If you would like to see any of these great alternatives to engineered stone for yourself or you would just like to learn more about the options that best suit your aesthetic preferences, budget, and lifestyle, drop by a Nobby Kitchens showroom. With 5 locations and the largest showrooms in Australia, it’s the perfect place to start your new kitchen journey. 

Nobby Kitchens has over 500 different doors, benchtops and handle combinations in all their showrooms. They have a mix-and-match selection centre, which is the best way to test and try your favourite design elements that we have seen. You can literally choose from hundreds of combinations to find the door, benchtop and handle of your dreams. 

Visit a showroom and then book an in-home design appointment with the skilled Nobby design team and see your dream kitchen come to life in full 3D right in front of your eyes! 

Thank you to John and the team for spending the time to show us these beautiful alternatives to engineered stone! 

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