25 Unique Startups to watch


In this age of entrepreneurship, it seems like there’s a new startup everywhere you turn. To help you keep up to date (and to spend some cash), here’s a list of 25 unique and interesting startups that have products available right now. These startups are aimed straight for success. You can see even more thanks to Startup Tracker that keeps tabs on cool, up-and-coming and competing startups. Take a look here!

The Scribble Pen – This hightech pen allows you to draw in any colour, by sampling whatever colours you choose from your surroundings.

Credit: Scribble Pen

Credit: Scribble Pen

 Snug Vest – An incredible deep pressure therapy vest that helps people with autism, anxiety and ADHD by regulating the sensory system.

SunToWater – Amazing technology that lets you produce your own water from air using solar energy.

Ohayō Tomorrow – A hangover prevention drink that glows in the dark.

Inkbox – Temporary tattoos that look realistic and last up to two weeks (for those of us that can’t make up our minds!)

Credit: Inkbox

Credit: Inkbox

Blank – Allows you to make vibrant t-shirts and singlets from your own Instagram pictures.

Sup – Connects you with nearby friends so you see your friends more often.

Mapme – Allows you to build smart maps without any coding.

Bakeys – Affordable edible cutlery so you can picnic with minimal waste.

Credit: Bakey

Credit: Bakeys


Olio – A food sharing app to encourage people to reduce food waste in communities.

Droners – A drone service that allows you to hire a drone and a pilot (or be hired).

Encore – Facilitates easy access to musicians (or to audiences) for gigs.

Aipoly – Affordable technology to help blind people identify objects online.

Blue River Technology – Live plant analysis and care for industrial farming that can be placed on the tractor.

Teslasuit – A wearable suit that lets you feel virtual reality.

Credit: uncrate

Credit: uncrate

Nima – A portable gluten sensor which is revolutionary for those with intolerances.

Yapply – Lets you chat to people on the same website as you at the same time.

Flip – Takes all the hassle out of releasing yourself from a lease by taking it straight to the market.

Recharge – Lets you book a luxury hotel room and pay by the minute, so you can nap or shower without staying the whole night.

Truebill – Finds and tracks your current subscriptions, and cancels your unwanted ones to save you money.

Gi Fly Bike – A hassle-free and maintenance free electronic bike that folds up in a second (perfect for cramped living spaces).

Credit: Gi Fly Bike

Credit: Gi Fly Bike

Amp Me – Syncs your phone with friends’ phones to create a portable sound system customised to your tastes.

Serendipity – Introduces you to a different, randomly selected, professional each month like a real life Linkedin.

Party with a Local – An app that connects you with locals when you’re travelling so you can party together and see the city how locals do.

Roam – Lets you sign a global lease so you can pay one price and live around the world.