7 Tips For A More Productive Workplace

7 Tips For A More Productive Workplace

  1. Set Objectives
    Let your employees know what needs to be achieved by setting objectives. Deadlines work as long as they are realistic. Use a program like Teamwork to allocate tasks so your employees can gain a sense of achievement each time they tick a task off that list.

  2. Workable Workspace
    Provide a space that employees like and want to be in. Consider the temperature, location and layout. Depending on your business would an open plan office make it less or more productive?

  3. Productivity Workshops
    It’s one thing to tell people you want them to be productive but another to actually teach them. Even if it was just for an hour a week, run a workshop to educate your employees on ways to enhance productivity.

  4. Lead By Example
    No one wants to work for that demanding and lazy boss. By demonstrating a good work ethic, employees will much more likely imitate your behaviour.

  5. Take Breaks
    Encourage everyone to get up and take a break every now and then. They definitely don’t have to be long or very often but as you can imagine sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours decreases motivation. Taking a walk around the office or having a snack is the perfect way to reenergise.

  6. Feedback Meetings
    How are you going to know how your employees feel if you don’t ask? This is the perfect opportunity to see what is working and what isn’t and make changes accordingly.

  7. Say Thank You
    Money alone is not a sufficient motivator and a pat on the back can really empower an employee. Whether it’s a special reward or a simple acknowledgement, it lets them know you appreciate them and it will drive them to strive higher.

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