Barnaby booted, so what’s next?

You may have heard the name Barnaby Joyce circling around? A man who was once the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia as of 3 days ago. He did some socially unacceptable things, that kinda got him in a bit of strife. So look, if you still don’t know who I’m talking about then here’s a quick recap.

The now Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, found himself in the middle of an Australian media frenzy, after his affair with ex-staffer Vicki Campion was made public back in December 2016. The two, who have managed to remain out of the spotlight for sometime, have recently made the headlines again, after the news that they are expecting a child was leaked by the Sydney Telegraph on 7th January. Having 4 children already to wife Natalie Joyce (Yes, still Married), it’s safe to say the public were not thrilled about the news. Despite this, Joyce defends the couple’s decision to start a family, admitting that they have been living in an apartment together in Armidale, provided by his ‘friend’ Greg Maguire and rent free!

Things actually become quite comical around the time when big dog Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced he has banned Ministers from engaging in sexual relations with other staffers, this known as the “No Bonk ban!” and stated against Joyce “It was a shocking error of judgment, that set of a world of woe”. Calm down Malcolm, the only thing this situation has ‘set off’ is my bloody radio and Facebook news feed.

When news broke, a small group of Nationals MP’s considered asking Joyce to resign, but it wasn’t until their voters, approximately 65% of them, said they too agree Joyce should resign, that a real impact was made. Three days later on the 23rd February 2018, Joyce resigned.

So what happens now?

Introducing Michael McCormack, “The man who once penned a shocking homophobic tirade, against gay people in a newspaper article” according to is the NEW Australian Deputy Prime Minister. It’s looking good so far though with comments from the newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister stating “I will honour that faith and responsibility by doing my best always. I am a team player and I am going to be doing it with the very best team in Rural and Regional Australia.”

Following this decision, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made sure that congratulations were in order and commented that “The Liberal Party has been in coalition with the Nationals for more than 70 years and our enduring and successful political partnership will continue under Michael’s leadership of the National Party.”

Welcome to the party Mr McCormack. Good Luck, oh and don’t bonk your staff!

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