In a bid to further distance the iconic company fr...

In a bid to further distance the iconic company from it’s Fox foundations, Disney moves to alter the name of 20th Century Fox studios

Disney has moved to place it’s first stamp on it’s newly acquired studio, 20th Century Fox, after last year’s groundbreaking $71 billion buyout of the iconic Hollywood studio.

In what is believed to be an attempt by the House of Mouse to distance the studio’s name and entertainment properties from a certain controversial news network, it was announced by the Walt Disney Company this week that moving forward, 20th Century Fox will be known as ’20th Century Studios’, and consequently that it’s smaller associated entertainment studio, Fox Searchlight Pictures, will simply be changed to ‘Searchlight Pictures’.

Disney shook the entertainment industry to it’s core last year in it’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, a move which saw the beloved company assume the position of most powerful movie studio on the planet, even further cementing it into the pop cultural subconscious for decades if not centuries to come (if that were at all possible). Finding fame in the early 20th century as a company that created wholesome and family friendly pieces of cinema, it is understandable as to why Disney would be interested in severing any remaining ties that 20th Century would have with Fox, NewsCorp and it’s previous owner, Rupert Murdoch.

Speaking to Variety about the changes to the iconic brand associated with some of the most beloved films of the past 85 years, sources from Disney have revealed that 20th Century’s brands will be subjected to little change apart from the updated wording featuring on it’s logos and associated materials.


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