The Dr Helen Difference

When Dr Helen first opened up her Melbourne dental surgery in 2008, she was looking to start a boutique, personalised practice where she could oversee a patient’s treatment from beginning to end. What Dr Helen didn’t realise, was that by offering this tailored care model patients suffering from dental anxiety would soon flock to her dental studio.

Patients suffering from dental anxiety are often in a bad way by the time they make their first appointment with Dr Helen. A lifetime of avoiding the dentist means that these patients are making appointments due to severe toothache, broken teeth, or widespread decay that has caused so much pain and discomfort, visiting the dentist is unavoidable.

Patients who experience dental anxiety often aren’t looking for a way to combat their phobia as they consider themselves ‘too far gone’ to help. However, there is a point when pain impacts their overall quality of life and something needs to be done to resolve it. Dr Helen knows that patients suffering from dental anxiety are looking for the easiest and least painful way to address their dental fears.

Throughout her experience, Dr Helen has learned that with a little bit of trust and personal time spent getting to the root cause, the fears associated with visiting the dentist can become manageable, and ongoing care and maintenance eventually possible. With dental implant treatment being an ongoing process that often requires more than one visit, getting to the root of these phobias is crucial.

“The most rewarding part of my career is seeing patients who have hidden their teeth for decades show up to their half-yearly check-ups without fear and a sparkling smile. Nothing beats that feeling. When trust is established between a dentist and their patient, magic really can happen”.

Dr Helen has always loved performing surgery. Full mouth dental implants have given some of her patients a brand new lease on life after struggling with decaying teeth and dentures for years. By providing a personal service, Dr Helen has grown a relationship like no other with her patients.

There are plenty of dental surgeons in Melbourne, but there aren’t many like Dr Helen. By overseeing the dental implant process from the very first consultation all the way to the end, Dr Helen takes the care to ensure that the treatment her patients receive is viable for the long-term, not just the ‘right now’. Most importantly, Dr Helen cares that her patients receive care from a dentist they trust, which can mean a world of difference for patients from all walks of life.

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