Executive in Focus – Richard Branson

Executive in Focus – Richard Branson


It is unlikely that you have not heard the name Richard Branson before. Branson has been one of the most influential and well known entrepreneurs of the last 50 years.

Starting very young, Branson set up a mail order record business at age 17 called “Student”. Branson found success by selling records at considerably less than high street stores in London. In 1971 Branson opened his first store on Oxford Street in London. The name “Virgin” is rumoured to have come as a suggestion by his business associates as they were all new to business.

From the record store, Branson had gathered enough money to begin his own record label which he called Virgin Records in 1972 along side Nik Powell. Branson used money from the record store to install a recording studio called The Manor Studio. One of the most Prominent artists to first use the studio was Mike Oldfield who recorded Tubular Bells – Which went on to become Virgin Record’s first success.

Since then, Branson has gone on to spread the Virgin brand into Mobile and Cellular services, Airlines, Petroleum, Space Tourism, Comics and movies and many many more ventures.

Forbes estimated Branson’s net wealth is in excess of $10 Billion AUD.

What will 2016 hold for the superstar entrepreneur?


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