Finding a Co-Founder


Finding a co-founder is difficult but also critical. An analysis of dataset of 100,000 startups by Startup Genome showed that solo founders take 3.6x longer to reach the scale stage, compare to 2-3 co-founders. You might be lucky and have friends to partner up with but what are other ways people have come together and built a business?

Friends From Work or School
Particularly at university considering you are doing the same degree you might have more in common than you realise.

Entrepreneurship Meetups
At local startup meetups you might just rub shoulders with your future co-founder so it’s worth attending a few.

Finding developers and programmers for equity by posting an ad is not uncommon and in fact an easy way to connect with the people who possess the skills you need.

There are websites available such as Co-Founders Lab and Founder2be that allow you to search and find potential co-founders.

Most importantly, make sure you find someone with a complementary skillset that also shares the same vision and values.

Jess is the lead news editor for Australia Business. When she's not writing and reading about business, she's probably endlessly scrolling through Instagram or downloading apps she may or may not need.