5 tech trends small businesses need to know

5 tech trends small businesses need to know

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Running a small business is an all-encompassing task. Often, small business owners have built their businesses from the ground up and monitor every element of their business to ensure that it’s operating as it should.

However, modern technology is able to lessen the load of running a small business or startup company. There are many applications and software options for business owners, which makes it difficult to know what’s best for the business. However, these are the five technology trends that small businesses need to know.


Using artificial intelligence and chat apps

This isn’t as scary as it sounds. Artificial intelligence (AI) gathers intelligence from past experiences with people so it learns and develops. The use of artificial intelligence in chat applications could eventually remove the need for customer service representatives. AI can be tailored to help customers with their queries and respond with the best fit. Technology advances pretty quickly.

Remote offices

Remote offices sound like a write off that means that workers just want to stay at home in bed or work from the beach. While your employees may stay in their pyjamas longer, the idea of the remote office removes overhead costs as you don’t need somewhere for employees to be during the day. Employees and business owners can carve out office spaces in their homes and use communication technology such as Slack to keep in touch with other office staff.

E-commerce on your business website

E-commerce is vital for ensuring that, when customers find your website, they stay there. However, if you do not have e-commerce set up, potential customers will go elsewhere to find what you’re looking for. Some customers will turn away if there isn’t an option for delivery at home. Losing out on sales is costly, especially when you’re a smaller business as you can’t take the hit like bigger businesses can.

Subscription based services for your business

Subscription based services, depending on your business, can be a wonderful addition. Everyone loves getting things delivered to their houses, and automated payments are always a win for your business. Through automated payments, you can make sales projections as customers pay a monthly fee instead of a one-off payment.

Influencer marketing

The coveted target demographic is 18-24 year olds, but they have different ideas when it comes to advertising. They don’t like ads, yet they do like to know when they’re being marketed to, especially when influencers do it through social media. Therefore, it’s vital that, if you decide to go with the direction of influencer marketing, you disclose if you pay an influencer to promote your product. Honesty will garner a stronger client base who are more likely to remain loyal.

These are just a few tech trends that small businesses can monetise in order to bring more traffic to their pages.