Smiles Inc: Changing The Dentist Game

Smiles Inc: Changing The Dentist Game

We have Flying Doctors, a service facilitated by the RFDS whereby doctors fly to their patients providing primary health care and 24-hour emergency service across Australia. Now another essential medical provider, Dentists, have become mobile as well.

The leading innovator of this travelling Dentist concept is the company Smiles Inclusive.

Mike Timoney, CEO and founder of Smiles Inclusive has witnessed the evolving industry and the need to make changes, “Since starting my first Practice in 2005 I’ve seen a substantial change in Dentistry but the key area has been the undersupply of Dentists. Now fast forward to 2017, there is a massive oversupply of Dentists which has just led to a huge increase in competitiveness.”

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Like its competitors, Smiles Incorporated operates out of 52 of its typical ‘brick and mortar’ storefronts complete with long-waiting periods and stacks of uninteresting magazines to entertain you as you waste your time.

In a bid to accelerate customer growth the company has turned toward the corporate marketplace.

Previously the Totally Smiles Dental Group had travelled to schools in Victorian using fully equipped trucks with Dental chairs in each to see as many as 350 people a week in a number of different locations. By cutting out the inefficient travel and waiting time most people experience when visiting a Dentist, Smiles Incorporated have placed themselves ahead of the market.

Corporate employees are among the groups with the least amount of time to spare, Smiles Inc. has identified this problem and provided a convenient solution. They plan to travel to the headquarters of corporate firms and will continue expanding on to providing services to sporting clubs and other interested organisations.

There are over 7000 Dental Practices currently operating in Australia, of these 7000 Practices, Smiles Incorporated is one of the 7-8% that is a part of a large corporate entity. It has become an ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) listed company.

Of the choice to be a corporate company Timoney has said,

“I’ve successfully built and sold my own Dental Practice, I’ve successfully built and sold my own Dental Corporate so I think I’m unique in Australia in understanding what the pros and cons are of being a Practice Owner and being a Corporate… Being a Practice Owner, you just can’t be an expert at everything. Now there have got to be marketing gurus, there have got to be social media experts, and, they just don’t have the bandwidth to manage these aspects as well as being fantastic Dentists.”

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