Top 5 Catering Equipment Companies in Sydney

Top 5 Catering Equipment Companies in Sydney

Any food-service business, whether it be a restaurant, pub or cafe, is only as good as the food it serves, and this is largely dependant on the equipment the food is prepared and served on.

Whether you’re a new business looking to get off the ground or an already well-established company interested in remodelling your facilities, selecting your catering design and equipment is crucial. 

These days there are a wealth of options to choose from, so to make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 catering equipment companies Sydney has to offer.


  1. AGC Catering Equipment & Hospitality Supplies

Family owned, AGC is Australia’s leading catering equipment specialists, operating within the industry for over 30 years. Utilising insights gained from their own time working in the hospitality industry, the specialists at AGC provide quality customer care and service, and work from the largest showroom in the city, located in Sydney’s west, boasting a range spread over 1,800 sqm. 

With over 50,000 items to choose from, it’s no surprise that AGC has come out on top in our selection. 


  1. Sydney Commercial Kitchens

Since opening its doors in 1998, Sydney Commercial Kitchens has become Australia’s leading online supplier of restaurant and catering equipment. To make your build and fitting a quick and seamless process, Sydney Commercial Kitchens operate a Rapid Response Call Centre so that the team are ready on hand to assist you with all your catering needs. 

Although Sydney Commercial Kitchens have great success online, they have no physical storefront, unlike AGC’s 1,800 square metered location. So if you’re looking to see your options in person (which we highly recommend before settling on what equipment you believe will be right for you and your business), you may want to shop elsewhere.


  1. Alpha Catering Equipment

As one of Australia’s leading hospitality superstores, Alpha provides shipping Australia-wide, and has serviced an extensive list of clients including Subway, Gloria Jeans and Hog’s Breath Cafe. Understanding the large range of options within the market, the team at Alpha will price match any product and even provide a $25 voucher for all purchases exceeding $500. 

However, while boasting a large range of stock options, it is incomparable to the spread available at AGC Catering, and therefore has scored Alpha Catering Equipment third place in this race.


  1. QCC Hospitality Supplies

Importing from local and global suppliers, with stores located in Sydney and Brisbane, QCC offers over 10,000 stock and equipment options. For owners who may not have time to visit the specialists in store, the sales managers at QCC also offer on-site visits, which can assist in selecting the right fit-out and equipment for your business, similar to AGC. 

Dissimilarly to AGC however, QCC do not accept walk-in showroom visits, requesting that all potential purchasers book an appointment before being able to see what equipment they have in stock (should you not wish to use their website). This sets them at a disadvantage, as potential buyers can be dissuaded by this process, with this having the potential to place unneeded time constraints on an already stressful time for any newly opened businesses or companies looking to remodel.


  1. Petra Equipment

Petra Equipment provide supply and installation services to assist business owners with their already prepared design ideas or to create fit out options from scratch. A leading specialist within the industry, Petra Equipment has worked with an array of different business types, from university bars to hotels, and from aged-care centres to restaurants and bakeries.

Based on Google Reviews, Petra ranks the lowest of our five top equipment specialists, with an overall user score of 3.2 /5. Great customer service is crucial when considering where to source your catering equipment from, as this will determine how much guidance you will receive in purchasing the right items for your business. Poor user reviews have placed Petra Equipment in the fifth and final place on our list.

Much like QCC Hospitality Supplies, Petra Equipment can be considered to be spread quite thin when considering how many industries they provide equipment for, meaning they too may not have the local industry insights you will need for your equipment fit outs. With this consideration in mind, Petra Equipment has placed fifth on our list.


All in all, due to their competitive prices, diverse range, custom built steel variety and excellent customer service we recommend AGC Catering Equipment & Hospitality Supplies as the first stop in your catering equipment search in Sydney.