Top 5 Office Cleaners in Sydney

With Work, Health and Safety concerns reaching an all new peak during the Covid pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure your office is reaching its clean potential. Thus, here at Australia Business News we present you the Top 5 Office Cleaners in Sydney.

1. Lazaro

It wasn’t difficult for us to put Lazaro at the top spot. The family run and operated business currently boasts over 200 satisfied clients, covering over 250 buildings, all from as little as 50 highly trained professionals. Their impressive portfolio covers property maintenance, public houses and landlords, as well as janitor services for commercial buildings.

Lazaro are also leaders in safety and environmental ethics – earning a big tick of approval from us! Their commitment to Work, Health and Safety measures involves the continuous monitoring and reviewing of systems and processes to manage risk, and ensure that safe practices are always followed. Not only does this ensure the wellbeing of their workers, but also those employing Lazaro’s services.

When it comes to environment, Lazaro proudly sticks to the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet and Profit. Established as a rapidly evolving ‘green’ company, Lazaro run off energy efficient plants and equipment with reduced noise emissions. Wherever possible, they purchase products that are fully recyclable and use minimal packaging. A proud advocate of Earth Hour, the company have adopted awareness programs throughout their work to continually aid the planet.

When you consider their competitive pricing for quality work, it’s a no brainer. Go with Lazaro.

2. Merit Cleaning

Introducing our runner up, Merit Cleaning – a highly established Sydney-wide company with over a decade of experience.

Merit Cleaning specialises in residential and commercial cleaning, offering a range of projects including ongoing, regular and one-time cleaning sessions. Trusted by thousands, they offer professionally trained staff who take time to do the job right. Merit also treats each client with utmost loyalty, packaging solutions to meet client needs and budget accordingly.

But above all else, what really sets Merit apart is their innovative pricing – keeping your needs as their #1 priority. Set per item rather than per hour, the company really earn a Merit for ensuring you get the lowest price possible. Considering these remarkable rates – it’s a top notch deal! 

3. Clean Group

Reaching number 3 on our list of the Top 5 Office Cleaners in Sydney is the aptly titled Clean Group.

Conveniently located in Sydney’s CBD, Clean Group comes with a team of over 50 well-skilled, highly experienced cleaners as well as state of the art technology to keep their services fast and efficient.

Passionate about their work, they offer an exceptionally polite, honest and very detail oriented approach to the job. A ‘one-stop service’, Clean Group also covers a range of job types. Working with both commercial and residential properties, they have experience in offices, warehouses, retail stores, malls, hospitals and childcare centres. Not only that, they are leaders in safe cleaning, offering toxic-free cleaning processes and high-quality, eco-friendly products. 

Leaving no trace of dirt or nasties behind, they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re after a superb cleaner in the heart of Sydney.

top 5 office cleaners sydney


4. Moore Clean

Moore Clean is the collaboration of Jan and Steven, two Matraville locals who genuinely care about people and the planet. They offer reliable, efficient and highly professional cleaning services, using environmentally friendly products where feasible – making their work both safe and affordable.

With strong customer centric values, Moore Clean aim to establish long term relationships with clients based on trust, and providing only the highest quality services that never stray from environmental consciousness. It is with this forward thinking outlook that they win fourth spot on our list. 



5. JBN Cleaning

Coming in at number 5 is JBN Cleaning.

With locations across metropolitan Sydney, including Lidcombe and Pendle Hill, they are fast becoming a favourite in the office space.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, client satisfaction is at the heart of JBN. But the company isn’t without a mission to keep Sydney as clean, safe and hygienic as it can ever be.

Their office cleaning includes a wide range of services including sweep, vacuum and mop, walls and window cleaning, special toilet cleaning, cobweb removal and ceiling cleaning. A range so vast, it’ll keep your space spick and span!

According to their many satisfied customers, JBN Cleaning is flexible and affordable, being able to work adequately within their clients budgets and going beyond expectations to deliver unparalleled results.

top 5 office cleaners sydney