Why blogging is the ultimate driver for traffic

Why blogging is the ultimate driver for traffic

Today’s marketing is all about increasing SEO, whether organic or paid, it’s the cornerstone of marketing because everybody is on the internet. Your potential and loyal customers are out there on the internet searching, socialising, sharing and stumbling upon new things. With the right marketing, a potential customer will search your business, socialise with someone who knows your business, share your business or simply stumble upon your product. And what’s the best way to do that in 2016? By blogging.

Here’s the biggest benefit of blogging: every time you blog, you are adding another indexed page on your website, that’s another chance for you to come up on search engines. 

That should be enough to convince you, but just incase you’re not sold, blogging is also a great way to become ‘sharable’. With one click your posts can be shared on all the important websites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. When your post is shared you are exposed to new audiences and demographics that you might have otherwise not targeted.

Blog posts are also great for creating a good impression on your customer, the customer will see your business and team as experts in the industry and will trust you. Blog posts with a casual tone will also make your business more personable and human, again solidifying your customers trust in you.

A blog might even be the thing that gets your customer over the line. If your customer is unsure about a product or the information you’ve given, an informative and personable blog post can assure them, making them feel safe and certain.

Not only is blogging a fantastic way to drive traffic, it can keep you on top of trends and news relevant to your industry as you will need to be continually researching, learning and garnering new blog topics. This in turn will keep your business fresh, on trend and relevant.

Blogs don’t have to be long winded articles, they can be short and snappy, fun and visually stimulating infographics or how-tos.

So instead of draining good cash on paid ads, or wasting time waiting for customers to come to you, drive them to your website for free.