Genius Beauty Hack Lands Iris Smit A $300K Shark T...

Genius Beauty Hack Lands Iris Smit A $300K Shark Tank Deal

Iris Smit was a university student studying interior architecture in Perth when she had an innovative idea that impressed the judges of Shark Tank and earned her a $300 000 deal.

Smit identified the time-consuming and finicky ordeal of applying winged eyeliner as the inspiration for her idea.

Seeking to remedy this problem, Smit created The Quick Flick, a product that uses a customised stamp to apply the liner to each eye.

“I’m hoping that my product will take the stress out of every woman’s morning,” Iris explains, “with this product they will be able to get out of the door three or four times faster than they would normally.”

By identifying a gap in the market, and using her personal experience, initiative and background in design, Smit created a product that is singularly unique.

Young entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever before to establish their brand. Technology has given business owners the ability to access direct and immediate feedback from consumers through the various social media platforms.

Smit designed The Quick Flick product, packaging and website by herself. She knows her audience.

The time is now for young Australians to create the products their demographic needs.

Another great new brand to emerge is Happy Skin Co. for at home laser hair removal. Since its initial product launch in April, Happy Skin Co has reached over $400k in sales and is expected to hit $1m by the end of July 2018. Find out about their success here.

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking for some help getting started or advice with boosting your small business then check out the Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Initiative here and the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme here.