Benefits To a Commission-Based Job

Benefits To a Commission-Based Job


When you’re a commission based worker, receiving your paycheck at the end of the week can be scary if you’re not sure how well your week went. However, if selling is a talent of yours then they can be very rewarding and enjoyable. It’s also crucial to consider a few things first to make sure you are getting the most benefits possible from the hiring company.

1. Unlimited Income Potential
If you’re good at what you do, you want to make sure you get compensated for it the same time. Ensure that the position does not have a top-earnings potential limit; otherwise you may as well be on a salary. Also consider whether or not the product or service is sellable.

2. Benefit Packages
Consider what ‘extras’ come along with your commission. Will you get health, dental, holiday time, sick leave etc.? Also make sure that the hiring company does not place too many restrictions what else you do with your time. If you’re good at selling and could make money selling other non-competing products then make sure they’re okay with that.

3. Advancement Potential
You have to consider your career and your future. If the company expects you to stay in the same position forever, then what’s the point? Advancement to a salary bonus position gives your security and could also mean you receive a percentage of sales commissions sold by other reps.

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