8 people who prove it’s never too late

8 people who prove it’s never too late

Pulp Fiction

We all get the anxiety of it being way too late to start something new, but these people prove that that’s just not true. There’s no such thing as too late!

  1. Vera Wang: The iconic designer didn’t design her first dress until she was 40! Now, her dresses have been featured on tonnes of hit TV shows and she’s dressed the likes of Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara and Viola Davis.
  2. Stan Lee: The man behind the incredibly successful Marvel universe only got his first hit comic title at 38, and look at that franchise now.
  3. Martha Stewart: Before the publication of her first cook book at age 41, Stewart had worked on Wall Street and owned a Connecticut catering firm. Although she’s hit some hardships, there’s no denying she’s one successful woman.
  4. Samuel L Jackson: Jackson was 46 years old and a recovering addict before he landed his breakout role in Pulp Fiction. He’s now an iconic Hollywood actor.
  5. Henry Ford: The man who revolutionised the automobile was 45 when he created the Model T car.
  6. Charles Darwin: Prior to the publication of On The Origin Of Species in 1859 and age 50, Darwin was a naturalist who had basically kept to himself. Can you imagine if he hadn’t published that?
  7. Harland (Colonel) Sanders: The face of KFC was 62 when he bought the franchise, and sold it 12 years later for $2 million dollars, which is around $15 million today.
  8. Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses): Her painting career didn’t begin until she was a whopping 78 years old. One of her paintings now hangs in the White House.

So let these 8 incredibly successful people inspire you to do what you’re passionate about.

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