5 Hot Jobs in 2016


Time for a career change? Here are five hot jobs in 2016 you might just want to look into.

1. Financial Advisor
A financial advisor meets with clients to discuss and provide advice on how to manage their money in the most profitable and secure way.

They earn an average of $67,266 per year (Payscale)

2. Actuary
Actuaries use statistical and mathematical skills to assess the forecast and assess future risks.

They earn an average of $98,111 per year (Payscale)

3. Occupational Therapist
An occupational therapist assesses patients with mental, physical or social disabilities and assist them in their recovery.

They earn an average of $56,214 per year (Payscale)

4. Statistician
Statisticians apply statistical theories in collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting quantitative information.

They earn an average of $78,250 per year (Payscale)

5. Dental Hygienist
A dental hygienist performs the basic dental care tasks, mostly focused on keeping patients’ teeth and gums clean.

They earn an average of $62,655 per year (Payscale)

Jess is the lead news editor for Australia Business. When she's not writing and reading about business, she's probably endlessly scrolling through Instagram or downloading apps she may or may not need.