Introverts can be great leaders, here’s why

Introverts can be great leaders, here’s why

Can an introvert be a leader? There is a common perception that leaders need to be confident and loud. However the super powers of a great leader can  and are possessed by introverts. A poll conducted by USA Today found that 40% of leaders are introverted and amongst them are some of the world’s richest, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Here are the top five secret super powers that introverts have that allow them to become successful leaders.

  1. Listening
    Such a rare quality in today’s highly opinionated and overcrowded business world, but introverts do this very well. Don’t underestimate the wonders of listening to employees and customers to develop solutions catered to their specific needs.
  2. Independence
    In a meeting, while everyone is frantically throwing around ideas, the introvert quietly strategizes. In their head they analyse best paths to take and process everything that is being said. They have an internal power to reflect on situations and form insights to then guide their team with steps to take.
  3. Humility
    John Ruskin once said, “I believe the first test of a truly great man is his humility” and he was very right. This is an overlooked super power for introverts because it comes so naturally to them but is a significant quality for a leader to have. It allows them to remain humble and easily put themselves in the shoes of others.
  4. Preparation
    Have you ever met an introvert that didn’t know what was going on? That’s because they have a habit of always thinking before they act. They prepare for the best and the worst and are able to lead their teams regardless of the circumstances because they have thought about the things people often forget or don’t expect.
  5. Cool, Calm and Collected
    It’s not exactly a super power but something introverts thrive at is remaining calm in situations. There’s nothing worse than a stressed out leader; it’s contagious and employers need a strong and calm leader to look to in turbulent times. 

Jess is the lead news editor for Australia Business. When she's not writing and reading about business, she's probably endlessly scrolling through Instagram or downloading apps she may or may not need.