Movies that have taught us how to be a Super-Manag...

Movies that have taught us how to be a Super-Manager


A good manager is someone who creates a friendly and productive work environment by proper communication and good ethical behaviour. Entrepreneur gives us lessons from big-time movies that have an effective message for leadership.

But how do we become these sorts of people without much guidance or help from others? We take a look at four famous movies, Office Space, The Social Network, Working Girl and The Devil Wears Prada that all leave a certain message about leadership.

Be Direct

Movie: Office Space

Office Space

20th Century Fox

Gary Cole in Office Space wore hideous suspenders and did not speak clearly. Effective managers need to give their employees sufficient instructions and know what they are talking about.

Be equal

Movie: The Social Network

the social network

Columbia Pictures

The movie perfectly captures  the story of Mark Zuckerberg being an effective and truthful leader to his Facebook employees. He builds everyone’s self-esteem and works with people who need more help to understand tasks better.

The best way to be a good manager is to build a professional bond with all staff members and rise above any personal issues you or the employee may have. In a workplace, everyone is equal and deserves to be treated accordingly.

Learn from your mistakes

Movie: The Devil Wears Prada


20th Century Fox

The boss of terror, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) who says things like “by all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me,” and “I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl.”

Who could forget the memorable scene where Miranda lashes out at Andy (Anne Hathaway) for laughing at how similar two of the blue belts are. Instead, Miranda should have accepted Andy’s misunderstanding and provided her with a learning opportunity to benefit her in the future.

Take criticism correctly

Movie: Up in the Air

Up in the air

Paramount Pictures

George Clooney’s character, Ryan flies around the country firing people for a living and has no relationships in his personal life. His company then hires a new girl who tries to change the way they fire people as it seems too harsh. The pair end up on a trip together where they actually end up helping each other more than they  thought they would. The best thing to get out of this movie is to work together and let your employees be your mentors as well.