Be careful of the 1:42pm stress

Be careful of the 1:42pm stress

According to a new survey by Groupon, 1:42pm precisely is the most hectic and stressful minute of the day. With an average person spending 8 hours or more at work, they develop patterns of tiredness and drowsiness during the day. 60% of individuals do not have time to relax at home because of family commitments or take home work from the office. Another 60% of those surveyed also suggested that there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done, such as grocery shopping or relaxing.

If this sounds like you, take note of our tips on how to avoid burning yourself out at work.

Schedule exercise times

A shot of adrenaline can make you feel more productive during the day and let your blood pump to your brain, allowing it to work faster. Setting aside time for exercise lets your body have that time away from just sitting down at a computer. It also helps reduce stress and worry, allowing you to be less flustered and more productive. Having a half an hour walk daily to grab lunch actually enhances attention to detail, memory and attentiveness.

Give reassurance that a task can wait

Some tasks are very important and must be completed when asked, but some do not need to be finished straight away and employees can take their time doing them. Having a job done correctly and slowly is better than having it done quickly and badly.

However, some employees become even more stressed at home when they remember an unfinished task is at work waiting for them the next day. This stops them from unwinding at home and relaxing with their family. Bosses should note that, if the employee could not finish the task in time, they shouldn’t be condemned.

Discourage multitasking

As a boss, if your employees are working all flustered and they’re multi-tasking, there is definitely something wrong with your management type. Multi-tasking never works for anyone, as it’s impossible to complete two tasks perfectly at the same time. Paying attention to one task at one time is very important as this will allow you to move to your next job quicker, also allowing you to be more productive during the day.  Multi-tasking just makes you frustrated and stressed about your day ahead of you, so try to avoid this at all costs.

Morning meetings

Even though these seem like a big waste of time to you, they are actually very helpful for your management teams as they help run them through the day of what will be going on. It also outlines what everyone is up to and what tasks some still have to complete. Managers can also tell employees their tasks for the day and how to prioritise their tasks.

Relax a little

Not everything that relaxes you in the workplace has to be inside your office. Maybe plan a trip outside your building with a few friends for coffee or lunch or just to walk. Talk about things besides work, such as your family or even your weekend plans. Try to plan something really fun for the weekend with your partner, friend or family, as this will allow you to be rewarded when you finish work on Friday. You could even plan some fun work activities at nights, such as going to get a drink or even as simple as having dinner together outside. It allows the team to bond better and gain an understanding of each other outside work.