WATCH: An insider’s guide to executive trave...

WATCH: An insider’s guide to executive travel

Insider's guide to executive travel

Successful businesspeople often find themselves travelling, both internationally and domestically, for business commitments and meetings. However, it can be difficult to enjoy that travelling when rushing from business meetings to investor engagements without a pause for breath. There a great many publications dedicated to ensuring that business travellers make the most of their work journeys, yet one of the best is the ‘Wayfarer’ series.

‘Wayfarer’ is an insider’s guide to executive travel with James Wilkinson, a veteran travel editor who knows the best of everything. From boutique hotels that cater to every business traveller’s needs to the best bars to unwind after a long day of business engagements, James knows it all. In this first episode of the series, James guides viewers around the best places for executive travellers to eat, drink and relax in London.

If you’re off to England soon, either for work or for a holiday, this short clip will help you to make the best of your trip and capitalise on your downtime.