Manly Council urged to rename suburb “Womanly” for...

Manly Council urged to rename suburb “Womanly” for international Women’s day

Today a group of Sydney Business women and two local councillors gathered at Manly beach in preparation for International women’s day. Their request was a simple yet gentle message for the hierarchy, for just 24 hours, to rename Manly to “WoManly”

The gathering was organised by architect Luisa Manfredini, who also founded the WoManly Community as a women’s business networking group. The women also provide support to the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter, which includes helping find accomodation for those in need.  Manfredini said “We also support the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter with donations and by providing a platform where they can spread awareness of that group and what they do.

The group of empowering women have even created an evening drinks event at the Hotel Steyne in Manly tomorrow evening to help raise the funds needed, to make this great cause possible. A representative of the Women’s Shelter as well as psychologist Stephanie Cook will be speaking at the event about the work they do in the community and empowerment for women.

Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Manly Councillors Candy Bingham and Sarah Grattan were in support of Womanly, however rejected the proposals to put up banners around Manly Corso in support of the name change.

Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Whether the name change will go ahead is yet to be seen, but is it really too much to ask for just one day? Tomorrow will tell if the wider beaches community will adopt the initiative.