What successful people do over holidays

What successful people do over holidays

The holidays are a perfect time to rest, relax and restart your system. It can be an ideal time to reflect on yourself and your goals and to contemplate your progress. Successful people know how to take a holiday so it includes some relaxation as well as some fun! So take some tried and tested advice from successful people on how to spend your time away from the office bustle.


First things first, plan!

Any successful person will tell you that leaving the office before all your deadlines are met means a stressful holiday period.
Getting organised before you leave allows for a zero stress vacation. This includes creating an ‘out of office’ email so clients know exactly when they can contact or expect a reply from you.


Say ‘no’

It’s easy to be the yes man, especially when you’re climbing the ranks. However, when you’re planning a holiday, don’t be afraid to say no, otherwise you’ll be on a fast track to burning out. This is especially true with things that aren’t immediately pressing. Professionals with issues saying no to people can use the holidays as the perfect time to exercise their right to use the word (in the right capacity of course).



As satisfying as a full vacation can be, many professionals may not have the time. Yet that doesn’t mean they can’t consider a staycation. Staycations act as a getaway from all the stress of the office without the added stress of going on full vacation and making actual travel plans. It allows for time away and some much needed relaxation, as well as the added bonus of spending time with family and friends you may not get to see during a normal working week.



Without the routine of work it’s easy to fall out of the habit of a good exercise routine. However, it’s proven that the most successful people implement a strict exercise regime, even throughout their vacations. You want to feel like your time is still productive and not wasted.



Picking up a new hobby or practicing an old one during your time off not only makes for an interesting topic of conversation outside work, but also allows for some ‘you time’. Doing what you love is a natural stress reliever, and whether it be taking drawing classes or sailing on a boat, it’s important not to neglect your non-work interests.


Avoid Electronics

This may seem easy, but it’s easier said than done. Try to allow for some time away from your phone or laptop where it’s so easy to check that new email or send that one message. It’s never one email or message. So try to tune out your phone and enjoy the time off with a book or a newspaper.