Top 5 Kitchen Designers in Sydney for 2021

Top 5 Kitchen Designers in Sydney for 2021

Designing the perfect kitchen that not only looks great but functions great is never an easy task. That’s why at Australia Business News, we’ve made things a little easier for you by putting together our Top 5 Kitchen Designers in Sydney for 2021.

1. Nobby Kitchens

Coming in at #1 on our list is a company that is no stranger to kitchens. Nobby Kitchens is a family run, highly reputable business with over 80 years in the industry. This makes them a true leader in customer service and design expertise. 

Nobby’s offering covers the full spectrum of services from removal, to design, and finally the installation process. This is sure to take the stress out of building or renovating your kitchen.

Known for having Australia’s largest kitchen showrooms, Nobby has four prime locations around Sydney. Each showroom offers over 20 full kitchen displays and plenty of #inspo for the keen customer. 

With project managers assigned to each and every customer right from the beginning, customer interaction is built on loyalty, unmatched reliability and professionalism. 

Of course, communication is key at Nobby Kitchens. It’s no surprise, therefore, that these excellent project managers are always contactable throughout the duration of your renovation or building. The team will often work with you for hours, taking time to listen until your every need is accounted for.

By working to a highly organised schedule, they exceed expectations in efficiency, ease of experience, and timeliness of their work. Not a single task goes unfinished by the pre-arranged date, setting them apart from their competitors. 

With a standout 10 year warranty and a lump summed contract, customers receive maximum transparency and comfort with no hidden extras. With Nobby’s, you don’t have to pay your trades, electrical or plumbers directly. It’s all done for you!


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2. Apollo Kitchens

Apollo Kitchens have been around for over 50 years, and there’s good reason for it.

First of all, this long-standing company is renowned for their dedication to expert customer service. With a qualified team of award-winning designers and project managers, their experienced staff work with you throughout renovation, providing expert knowledge and top-end professionalism with a friendly and honest approach.

Furthermore, they offer custom designs at no extra charge to ensure you build your dream kitchen at a price that’s right for you. As an added benefit, Apollo allow you to use your own trades when you want, and will happily supply trades where you can’t.

Customers have enjoyed a highly collaborative and interactive approach, being able to lay things out, create colour palettes, touch handles and get a proper feel for what works in their space.

In any case, such expert assistance is never without the stamp of approval from the customer. At Apollo, what you want is never out of reach. 


3. IKEA Kitchens

Next on our list is the world famous Swedish brand, IKEA.

Unlike most other kitchen design brands on this list, IKEA’s kitchens are essentially all pre-made. If your budget doesn’t quite allow for a completely custom, locally build kitchen, then IKEA kitchen remodels are the way to go.

But that’s not to say you can’t find something that at least feels custom made. At IKEA, no two kitchens are identical. Their pre-designed kitchens include options for those doing a little renovating, to buying a new kitchen from the ground up. Even a simple cost proposal is doable.

IKEA’s extensive range also includes traditional kitchens, covering anything from charmingly rustic to something a little more country in style, all with affordable updates – to sleek, modern kitchens that are simplified yet stylish.

IKEA also offers everything from first time kitchens to a full kitchen remodel, with styles, colours and all size possibilities on the (kitchen) table.

They have proven time and time again to be able to create a functional, elegant, fresh update all for the fraction of a the cost of a custom kitchen installation – which is perhaps IKEA’s biggest perk; their customised organisational features and affordable kitchen systems are virtually the same as what you’d find through higher end kitchen designers but at a much lower cost.

In spite of the low price, IKEA kitchens function beautifully and hold up extremely well to every day use, with most hardware options being the same as what you’d find through in high end kitchen designers.

Perhaps the only downside is that DIY installations are the go, as IKEA does not offer reliable project managers in the same way as other designers on this list. But if you’re up for a bit of a hands-on challenge, it’s well worth it for the price.


4. Freedom Kitchens

Freedom Kitchens is a proudly Australian-made manufacturer and retailer. A veteran of the kitchen world, they hold over 30 years’ experience in building and designing dynamic and contemporary kitchens, both big and small. Even so, with one of the highest reputations for Australian standards of excellence, their kitchens are built for maximum functionality and style, winning ticks of approval from customers all over Australia. 

It’s no surprise, then, that the Australian Furniture, Research and Development Institute has given them the seal of approval – as well as us!

From cabinets, to laminated bench tops and doors – Freedom manufactures their products locally to ensure maximum strength and durability. They deliver impact-resistant surfaces that stand the test of time. 

In short, Freedom Kitchens delivers superior customer service, and quality constructions and finishes that are stylish and flexible. The perfect recipe for your dream kitchen.


5. Vista

Vista present kitchens of the highest quality, with all products made from premium materials and hardware. Sourcing almost exclusively from Australian manufacturers, Vista go above and beyond to ensure your kitchen has a life time guarantee.

Setting them apart from competitors, Vista are big on delivering expert customer service and guidance. Prepped with a team of leading designers, they offer a wide range of beautiful surfaces and fixtures presented using top of the range 3D modelling software. This means you can trial different styles, finishes and materials.

Keeping your needs top of mind, Vista work tirelessly to ensure your kitchen turns out exactly the way you want it to.