10 TED Talks To Educate and Inspire Your Next Move

10 TED Talks To Educate and Inspire Your Next Move

Here are ten talks that will help you become the successful individual you can be with the career you desire.

1.How to find work you love

This talk by Scott Dinsmore looks at how he found his passion in life. It is about finding meaningful work that you love, discovering what matters to you and how to turn that into work.

2.Be an opportunity maker

A talk by Kare Anderson, this is a discussion of how she overcame chronic shyness and stepped into the life she wanted to lead. The lecture provides you with the tools to create the opportunities you need to take the next step in your career.

3.The career advice you probably didn’t get

Susan Colantuono talks on career progression and how to get ahead in the workplace and out of the stationary position you have been sitting in. This is a talk for women, graduates and those in a mid-career rut.

4.The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Bill Gross runs you through the data and uncovers the reason why startups succeed. Gross has founded and incubated numerous startups and he sheds some light and wisdom on the fascinating world of the startup.

5.What it takes to be a great leader

Roselinde Torres provides you with three questions you need to ask to be the best leader you can. Her observations of leaders over the past 25 years, give you an insight into the fundamentals of great leadership.

6.The key to success? Grit

This talk on success by Angela Lee Duckworth covers how she went from a high flying consultant to a math teacher and how observing the students at a range of ability levels taught her what was needed for success beyond the IQ.

7.The surprising habits of original thinkers

Psychologist Adam Grant looks at original thinkers and what makes them come up with unique ideas and actualise them into the world. He looks at the concept of failure and how it is intertwined with success.

8.8 secrets of success

Richard St. John has compiled years of interviews into a three minute slideshow on success. This is the most comprehensive insight on success that three minutes could offer.

9.How great leaders inspire action

This talk provides a simple but effective model of success. Simon Sinek delves into the keys to success and how you can incorporate them into your life.

10.You will fail to have a great career

This is an eye opening lecture on how to follow your passions. Larry Smith gets frank with you and how following your passions is the only way you will find a career you thrive in.