3D Printing Toys

As a child all you wanted was a long-legged doll with pink hair or a rainbow skeleton with a bow tie but as you skipped up and down the toy aisles you came to the conclusion that it just was not going to happen. Luckily for your children’s sake for a price of $300 their imaginations can run wild when thinking about what toys they wish to get their hands on.

At last weekend’s NYC Toy Fair, Mattel unveiled the magical and incredibly technologically advanced ThingMaker. Kids can now design complex characters, jewellery and accessories in the ThingMaker Design app and thanks to 3D printing can be made. The toys can be customised with different colours and textures and children can see how they’ll bend and twist in the app before they are printed.

Image Credit Mattel

Image Credit Mattel

Mattel has also said they are interested in launching “additional design content, included branded options.” Although no brand names have been announced, senior director Aslan Appleman said, “Obviously we have quite a few iconic brands in our portfolio as well as access to partner brands. You can imagine that’s part of out longer term strategy.” It seems the possibility of designing your very own Barbie or Hot Wheels could be somewhere in the near future.

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