5 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy At Work

5 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy At Work

Woman Stretching at Desk

We all want to do the best we can to look after ourselves and stay in shape but sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day. Working five days a week with early starts and late nights doesn’t exactly leave you with enough time to exercise and can hinder your ability to make healthy choices to look after your body. Here are five tips you can practise at work in order to stay on top of your game.

1. Hydration is key.

Water is your best friend when it comes to getting through any long day as it keeps you energetic while looking after your insides. It can aid a gruelling headache, clear the skin and assists with active brain function. In short, skip the fizzy, sugary drinks and replace them with the most natural choice.

2. Bring your own food and snacks. 

There’s no doubt that the convenience and availability of fast food makes the world go round but this unhealthy tactic has even unhealthier consequences. Fast food not only fills you up temporarily but has little nutritional value. Fast foods are also usually extremely high in calories, leading you to feel sluggish and tired throughout the day. Opt for packing lunches and snacks in advance in order to not only feel better, but save money too!

3. Use your lunch break to be active. 

Instead of sitting on your phone for the entirety of your lunch break, use this space of time as an opportunity to be active. After your lunch take a short walk to get your legs moving and heart pumping. A simple twenty minute walk will also boost your energy levels and help you feel refreshed. If walking is not an option during your break, every hour at work take at least 250 steps to restart your body.

4. Stretch!

In addition to walking around your office, every now and again take time to stretch. Your stretch session doesn’t have to be for an hour long but by quickly stretching your legs, arms and back, you’ll feel renewed and not so cramped up at your desk.

5. Limit yourself to one coffee per day.

This one might be the hardest but letting go of your afternoon coffee will help your body relax later on. Over caffeinating yourself will only make you crash harder later on and can lead to wanting more and more. Your body may end up dependant on coffee and won’t be able to function naturally without it.